THE SHRWALK ® weight loss method is accomplished by shrinking the appetite and walking. Author and creator Gary Charles Metz achieved substantial weight reduction simply by eating less and walking. THE SHRWALK ® weight loss method differs dramatically from other diet plans because Metz essentially ate and drank what he wanted; just less of it. Diet planning involved one nutritive meal per day, consisting of a soup or salad, a main course of meat, poultry, or fish, and a vegetable and/or potato. Occasional light snacks, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and desserts are allowable.

Most people have been eating three meals per day for their entire lives. By changing to a one meal diet, Metz managed to shrink his appetite. Shrinking his appetite led to feeling fuller sooner, and consuming fewer calories. Walking daily for one hour will burn off an abundance of the calories that are taken in. While Metz walked, he believes that burning calories may also be accomplished by other means, such as bicycling, running, jogging, swimming, etc. To prevent dehydration, it is important to drink at least one-half gallon of water and/or low-calorie liquids every day.

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